Jenny B is a Singer/Songwriter and Humanitarian
Jenny B has studied voice with top vocal instructors in the U.S. and has taught students that have gone on to successful music careers. She is currently writing and co-writing songs for Film and T V, she writes for Fervor Records (Phoenix, Arizona), Think Music (L.A.), Mutiny Records (L.A.) and the Murrell Group (L.A.). Her voice can be heard on jingles, T V shows, Movies and is on music in the Universal Music catalog (International).  Jenny has a singing and coaching career that spans the globe. She has shared her gifts in Mexico and on Native American Reservations.  She has performed shows and has worked with Prison inmates and refugees in Sweden and for 6 years helped to create and support safe houses for displaced children of Myanmar in Thailand.
In 2010, Jenny delivered a set of twin daughters. She lost Isabella at birth and the surviving daughter, Anabella was born 4 months early with severe developmental delays. Jenny has gone on to perform and speak at National Infant Loss memorials and events and has also developed a music program for children with developmental disabilities as well as writing songs about her experiences.
Highlights of her career include performing at the 2004 Presidential Debate, appearances on U.S. and Swedish National Television as well as backing American artists such as Denise Williams, Barbara Lewis and many more. She has also performed at different venues in Bangkok, Thailand.
Jenny B performs and sings in English, Spanish, Swedish and ASL (American Sign Language).

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